Beer spill truck crash closes Florida highway

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A Florida highway was blocked on Wednesday by thousands of beer cans after a crash with five semi-trailers.
All lanes were closed after the semi-trailer carrying the beer crashed into trucks parked on the side of the road.
Photos taken at the scene by the Florida Highway Patrol show so many spilled beer boxes and cans, the road can barely be seen.
The highway was eventually reopened some hours later. Only minor injuries were reported.
According to the Tampa Bay Times, two semi-trailers crashed on the busy highway on Wednesday morning and pulled over.
Two more semi-trailers pulled over to help, as well as a pickup truck.
A fifth semi-trailer – the one carrying the beer – failed to stop in time and crashed into the parked vehicles.
As well as the beer, concrete being transported by one of the lorries also spilled all over the road.
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